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Price: $13.44

"But They Were Suited!" poker card guard. Everyone knows a "Donkey" who plays bad hands and then tells you "but they were suited!". This ones for you. The coin is quite large at 2" and heavy at over 20 grams. This is not a cheap lightweight card guard. Its hand painted metal with excellent detail and quality. You wont believe how beautiful this coin is until you have it in your hands. The back of the coin is black. This coin is a must have for all poker players. Protect your hand with the Poker Card Guard. When youre in the middle of the action, looking for tells, trying to figure out what your opponents are going to do, figuring the odds and outs, your eyes are not on your hole cards. In live action, unguarded cards can be fouled, accidentally exposed or even picked up and mucked by the dealer. To prevent these unfortunate, unlucky events, you need this hefty Poker Card Guard.
Are You A Donkey? The Final Table Is Waiting For You